10 New French Songs for Your Playlist


French music is worldwide known for classic songs. Do you know that France also releases many modern songs? Most of them can not be compared to great artists like Edith Piaf, Georges Brassens… But the songs I listed here from pop to flamenco are worth your attention. Listen, enjoy and maybe add them to your chansons Françaises favorites!

This first one is entitled Ça ira (It will be fine). Joyce Jonathan became quite popular because of her famous song Je ne sais pas (I don’t know). Her first album Sur mes gardes (Be careful) became Gold disc in May 2010. Just five months after it came out, it was certified platinum record. Singer’s voice is just wonderful and the emotions it causes make it catchy and make us want to listen it again and again.

While everyone still knew nothing of him, this song Toi et Moi (You and I) a single from his first album was released in 2010 and made Guillaume Grande famous for the French public. A wonderful piece, belle lyrics, belle melody of the song; all it makes it simply a treasure of French music.

First named Hangover, BB Brunes became famous in Paris, after their participation in Famous French tv shows like Star Academy or Nouvelle Star, they reached entire France. It is the first single of their third album Long Courrier. It has encoutered an amazing critical and commerical success. This is the first BB Brunes‘s song that went to top 10 sellings in France and French-speaking Belgium.

Kendji Girac is only a 18 years old French singer. He won the third season of the French version of The Voice. From Gipsy Spanish parents his music is highly influenced by Flamenco. His song Color Gitano is a wonderful mix of French and Spanish culture.


Quelqu’un m’a dit is a popular song of the first album the French-Italian singer and model Carla Bruni. She is also famous for being married to the famous former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. This song with her angel voice is spellbinding.

He used to be a professional baker in the past. With his other singles like On s’attache, Parce qu’on sait jamais, this song became very popular. The music and video are incredible positive and definetely could make you happy and give really good vibes.

He is member of the most popular rap French band Sexion d’Assaut, which won two NRJ Music Awards. Les Yeux plus gros que le monde, is Black M first album, released on the 31 of March 2014. One year after his album was certifed Diamand disc and became number 1 in top sells in France whithin more than 500 000 sellings. This song is truly very catchy example of French Rap.

Indila released her first solo song Dernière danse, in 2013 with her first album Mini World. The album received three platinum discs in France and a golden disc in Belgium. With 200 millions view on youtube, this single became famous all over Europe and the world. The influence of French variety and armenian/oriental music made this song amazing.

This song is a remake of Maurice Chevalier, a famous French singer and later Hollywood actor. Zaz is quite famous internationally and likes to release many remakes of French classical songs. This song captures both the history and the reality of Paris by showing a faux(fake) metro ride through the city.

When released in 2012 it has reached the top ten singles in France and Belgium with more than 100,000 sellings. The musical video illustrates Le Sens de la vie (the meaning of life) that Tal has accomplished with her artistic dream and hard work. Be careful, because this song stucks easily in our head!

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3 thoughts on “10 New French Songs for Your Playlist

  1. C’est pas vraiment la sélection que j’attendais. Franchement c’est très moyen. En plus le nom de certains est erroné.

  2. Huh? If you aren’t French, just don’t listen these songs. Many artists here are the worse we ever had. Want some french love songs? Okay, here is my selection:

    – Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel (maybe one of the best love song ever)
    – Pour oublier qu’on s’est aimés by Nino Ferrer (great lyrics, just as Mr Brel)

    French hip-hop (aka Rap Céfran)?

    – Première consultation (most sold album by Doc Gynéco)
    – Cinquième As (album by MISTER Mc Solaar, the greatest french MC)
    – L’école du micro d’argent (best Rap Céfran album by IAM, remember that name)
    – Lipopette Bar (jazzy album by OXMO PUCCINO)

    Want a female voice?

    Take a look at France Gall or Véronique Sanson.

    Two female voices?

    -Ma benz by Brigitte

    French rock music?

    – Noir Désir
    – Téléphone
    – M

    Enjoy !

    You can also listen to Francis Cabrel (a great artist) or Jean-Jacques Goldman. But please !! For the love of the world, never try something like Black M (and Sexion d’assaut, his crew), Zaz, Christophe Mae or Tal. You may be seriously injured or have a slowly and painful death.

    French music is so beautiful, why listen cheap stuff?

    PS: please excuse my english.

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