4 Funny French Songs You Should Know

Besides, the romantic and popular songs France has its own humor, which can be reflected through the music. I listed here 4 French songs which are funny, popular, and worth watching!

The first song in the list is a featuring between Yelle and Fatal Bazooka, also known by his real name Michaël Youn. “Parle à ma main” (Talk to The Hand) was particularly successful in France and Belgium, where it was the number one hit for many weeks. Michaël Youn is French comedian, TV persona, actor and singer. His popularity and success comes from the morning show “Morning Live”, where he makes sketches and public events. His other music parody entitled “The Bratisla Boys” also became the number one in the French charts, in this case for ten weeks.


The second song, is entitled “Mon coloc”, coloc is the contracted word for colocataire which is roommate in English. Max Boublil is also a French comedian, singer and actor. He played in many films like “Le Bon Fils” and “Les Gaous”, but Max Boublil also makes many humorous songs such as “Susan Boyle”, “Chanson raciste”, “J’aime les moches” and others. This particular song “Mon coloc” is about a funny roommate, who makes sexual advances.


The third song is from Norman Thavaud, more known under the name Norman fait des vidéos. After graduation as baccalaureate in 2005, Norman moved to Paris to attend a film school. He is French comedian and one of the most popular French bloggers. He has more than 6 Million subscribers on YouTube. Norman and some other comedians re-aired some of their most famous sketches for the audience. Filming this video involved almost 3000 people and was so successful, that resulted in a tour of the artist scheduled in France.


The forth humorous song was written by Patrick Sébastien in 2006. The purpose of the song was very simple – to entertain, the lyrics are easy to remember and very catchy. It became quite famous after a mashup, but also after being sung and popularized by Cyril Hanouna, French radio and television artist and a comedian. The song describes the situation we can face in a crowded party, where we feel packed like sardines (Être serrés comme des sardines in French).


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