5 Funny Words Young French Speakers Use (Part 2)


Here I listed the second part of 5 funny word young French speakers use.

Laisse tomber…

It literally means let it fall, but the English translation would be forget it, or never mind.


Tu as dit quoi ? Laisse tomber…

What did you say? Never mind…


C’est nul

This expression means it sucks in French. The general implication means whatever discussed is either rubbish, ridiculous or just horrible.


Cette endroit est vraiment nul !

This place quite sucks!

You can also use c’est pourri or c’est naze !

Mon niveau d’anglais est pourri.

My English level is horrible.


Oh la vache !

A very popular expression in France  to express surprise or admiration. Une vache is literally a cow, and c’est la vache would mean it’s a cow. The English actual translation however is wow or oh my goodness! You will hear regularly this expression from French people of all ages.

For example

Oh la vache, c’est vrai ?!

Oh my goodness, is it true?



Boire comme un trou

It literally means to drink like a hole. This is the French expression for getting extremely drunk. The closest translation to English may be drinking like a fish.


Arrête de boire comme un trou !

Stop drinking like a fish!


Donner sa langue au chat

In English it means to give your tongue to the cat, although French people say that in the moment when they give up guessing an answer.


T’as trouvé la réponse ?

Non je donne ma langue au chat

Did you find the answer

No, I give up


Tu vois ? or T’as vu ?

This French phrase is overused in a casual conversation. It’s almost impossible to have a talk with young French people without hearing this. It means you see?, and is often used in the end of a sentence to emphasize what the person is saying.

One more!

Allez, viens !

It literally means go, come; the closest meaning is come on!. It’s pretty common to hear and use it in a conversation.

Because of this very famous video, some French, like me, will smile whenever we hear anyone saying it!

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