5 Popular Summer Songs in France


If you are looking for French songs, but don’t live in France, we want to keep you updated, we have listed here 5 of the most popular French songs often played on the radio. Feel free to add them to your French playlist!

Nekfeu is a French rapper from southeastern France, his first album Feu released in 2015 has received very positive reviews from the French media. The album has sold over 69,000 copies. The song is very catchy, and the more you will listen the more you will like it.

Maître Gims real name Gandhi Djuna is one of the most popular French rappers. He founded his own record label, MMC. His first album Subliminal got more than 1,000,000 copies sold. This song named Est-ce que tu m’aimes (“do you love me” in French) is from his second album. Gims quite unique singing style makes you remember his songs.

Kendji Girac was just 19 years old when he won the French version of  The Voice in 2014, he is bilingual French and Spanish, who has Gispy Catalan backgrounds. As you can notice Kendji Girac songs are highly influenced by flamenco. The song Cool is from his first album.

Louane is a young French singer and an actress. She also got noticed on the French version of The Voice, and got even more popular also after playing the main role in the movie La Famille Bélier, which brought her The César Award. Her first solo album was released on March 2015 with a great success.

Fréro Delavega is a French musical duet made up of Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega. Their first single Sweet Darling became a top 20 hit in France. The music and the lyrics are very poetic and beautiful.


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