How to Ask Politely a French Person to Speak English.

It may sometimes look difficult to talk English with French people. they may appear cold or even snobbish, but French people like honesty and directness in a conversation with a foreigner without being too rude. Most of us have learned English at school, but we are quite shy for attempting to speak it, especially to a foreigner. The best way to ask a French person any questions is by introducing yourself in French, shortly and then add the fact that you are not very good at speaking French. It will make them feel comfortable speaking English when they see you trying to speak their own language.


-Bonjour / Good morning

Je m’appelle Josh et je suis un touriste. Je viens du Canada.

-My name is Josh and I am a tourist. I am from Canada.

Je parle mal français.

-I speak French badly.

Then you can continue in English.This method works perfectly in France , and the French won’t feel annoyed, on the contrary he or she will feel pleased to help you.

At the end of the conversation you can say

-Merci beaucoup et Bonne journée !

-thanks a lot and have a good day !

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