Learn French With the Simpsons

In French TV show The Simpsons is called Les Simpson.

The Simpsons is one of the few American TV shows that have two separate versions for France and for French Canada. The characters have a standard French accent, except Apu who has an Indian accent and Kirk, Milhouse father, who has a Belgium accent.

The French comic writer and animator of The Triplets of Belleville and The illusionist Sylvain Chomet made a funny French opening for Simpsons filled with American stereotypes about France.

You can even hear Marge briefly asking in French où est Maggie ?! (Where is Maggie?!)




In The Simpsons movie was a funny moment, where Homer played with a pig called Spider-Pig. The song was translated in French. You can find the lyrics below.




Spider Cochon, Spider cochon

Spider-pig Spider-pig

Il peut marcher au plafond

he can walk on the ceiling

Est-ce qu’il peut faire une toile ?

Can he make a web?

Bien sur que non c’est un cochon

Of course, no, it’s just a pig

Prends garde Spider cochon est là !

Beware spider-pig is here!

If you want to improve your French, here you can find a short video showing one of the funniest Simpsons moments in French.



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