Learning French As an ERASMUS Student


It turns out that there are more than 30,000 ERASMUS students in France
Most of them face the same difficulties with French language.
It’s very hard nearly impossible for them to understand French.
Even if they have learned it for years.
So what’s the reason?

The reason is that there are too many differences between written French and spoken French.
We French people do it all the time, when we write letters, mails, books we use an appropriate
and formal French. It’s THIS formal French that the big majority of the ERASMUS students have learned.
However, a real French conversation contains a lot of informal words, verbs, expressions even insults.
Most French people don’t usually realize that when they speak they use different words, use a different grammar rule, shorten the words,
and even play with the syllables. Yes, I said playing with the syllables. We call it Verlan.
If you have never heard of it, it’s basically a French argot which consists in reversing the syllables.
For example crazy is fou in French
The verlan of fou is ouf.
Another example, Thank you is Merci
the verlan is Cimer.
It may sound crazy but actually we French people use them quite often!
You don’t believe me? Ask your French friends!

After so many years, someone has finally decided to teach ERASMUS students the real French.
The course is named “Learn to speak French like Natives”. It countains everything you to need to know
to understand French people, and finally become fluent in French.
In hope that it helps you to understand all French people, and realize that we are so much funnier, cooler and more friendly
when we use our native language. After all that’s why you’ve come to France in the first place right? 🙂

You can find the link on our awesome course by clicking the image below, or here.

Spoken French


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